Developing Questionnaires as a Tool of Collecting Information for Program Evaluation in Medical Education

Abstract This study presents a student questionnaire development process, experiences gained, and results. A six-step questionnaire development process was followed: literature review, regular stakeholder meetings, initial item generation, preliminary survey, item reliability analysis, and factor analysis.

All developed questionnaires were qualified using statistical methods. The number of items in the questionnaires was reduced using factor analysis. After the proposal has been transformed into a software project, we have been completed the medical student feedback system(MSFS) that is very easy to use, flexible, compatible with mobile devices and conforms to scientific requirements for program evaluation.

A framework including student and faculty interactivity; non-time-consuming, efficient feedback collection; and scalable, satisfactory data for program evaluation was established. MSFS has also been integrated with social media applications to make real-time interaction with students. The framework presented in this study can be used when it is needed to develop effective student feedback system.

Keywords Medical Education, Program Evaluation, Data Reduction, Student Feedback, Questionnaire development

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