What’s up on the utilization of “What’s app” among pediatric residents?

Modern social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, not only at the personal level but also at the professional level as well. No two experts have the same opinion on the impact of social media on the modern society. While many see them as a positive tool that increases productivity via better connectivity, others see them as addictive and counterproductive.

There have been several numerous publications on the utilization of handheld technology in accessing medical information1,2,3. However, there seem to be less attention toward the use of Social Media in handheld devices in the field of graduate medical education. Despite that, some recent studies have shed some light on the impact of social media on medical students4 and graduate medical education alike 5,6.  Most of those studies provided evidence that the use of social media such as “Face Book” and “Twitter’ has had positive impact on residency programs and graduate medical education in general.

To our knowledge, as of today, there are no studies on the utilization of “What’s App” and it’s impact in the field of graduate medical education.