Graduate Medical Education in the Middle East. Can One Size Fit All?

Najla Alkuwaitia, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain / UAE

Hossam Al-Tatari, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain / UAE

There are several well established graduate medical education models all of which have the same goal: Producing competent physicians who will improve patient care. However, there is nothing such as “One size fits all”. A system that have worked great in a certain country may not function as well in another. One of the oldest and most successful graduate medical education systems is the ACGME competency based model. This system proved over the years to result in significant improvement in residents training in the US and subsequently patient care. Similar results have already been achieved in one pediatrics residency program in UAE. Would the same results be achieved if the system gets implemented everywhere in the Middle East is a possibility that needs to be tested.