Investigation of Study Strategies of First-Year Students in Medical Faculty of Gaziosmanpaşa University

It is necessary for students to use different study strategies actively in order to manage their own learning processes during the compelling education given in medical faculties. Underlining, summarizing, writing down what was learnt, drafting, creating concept maps, practice exams, note taking, and memorizing are among the widely used study strategies. The aim of this study is to investigate the study strategies of first-year students in medical faculty of Gaziosmanpaşa University. This study was based on the relational screening model. The data was collected from a total of 94 students through a questionnaire on a web-based system. The findings showed that “underlining” and “summarizing” are the most commonly used study strategies. Moreover, it was determined that the use of these two strategies was differed in terms of gender, and female students used these strategies more than the male students. The least used study strategy was determined to be “practice exam”. No relationship was found between the GPA of the students and their study strategies. It was determined that some of the study strategies were used more by the students; however, this situation didn’t have an effect on academic achievement. It is considered that this situation was sourced from incompetency of students on using study strategies effectively.