Practices Internship and Professional Orientation in Health Management

 The purpose of this study was designed to demonstrate the importance of compulsory training course implementation and make developing suggestions. The study population included the students who attended the compulsory training course and internship implementation organized by Health Institutions Management Department of Afyon Health College in Afyon Kocatepe University. There has been an effort to increase university students', who are prospective health managers, professional manners by having them attend training courses and internship programs in the departments of accountancy, purchase, head physician and archives in the private and public hospitals and the other health organizations in the province of Afyon. In context of the internship program conducted in the university, the researcher created a Likert survey form and administered it to the senior students who participated in the study with the purpose of determining their opinions. The study data were analyzed using SPSS 20 software package, and a statistical analysis was also conducted on them. The study findings indicated that training courses and internship implementation made important contributions to professional adjustment and adaptation, and positively affected employment. It was a general opinion of the participants that the rotation practice was beneficial and it was necessary to perform rotation in every two months. This study determined certain problems related to workplaces and planning regarding training courses and internship implementation, and suggested some solutions for them.

Keywords –Internship in health management, internship training course, health management