Segmentation of Capillary Images in Medicine

Technology has become widely preferable today since it reduces the need for manpower and enables saving time. It is possible to encounter technological devices on every corner of life. Today, information technologies has become widespread in medicine and health care. Health care has increasingly been dependent on technology. One of these technologies that is used in medicine is capillaroscopy. Capillaroscopy is the process of imaging small veins in nail bed called capillary with the help of an advanced microscope. Some changes that are seen in small veins in nail bed can help some rheumatic diseases such as scleroderma be diagnosed at an early stage. Today, it is frequently used in order to determine the microvascular involvement of rheumatic diseases. Being a fast and effective diagnostic tool in assessment of nailfold capillary system, dermatoscopy devices are more advantageous because of their characteristics such as being cheap, easy to use, and timesaver. As the use of technology increases, manpower is replaced by technological devices and the diagnoses become much easier. After the vein structures in nail are imaged and necessary measurements and videos are taken using capillaroscopy devices, it becomes easy to decide from the nail structure whether there is a disease or not. Within this context, it can be recommended that more comprehensive studies should be conducted on more extensive samples in future.

Keywords – Capillarioscopy, segmentation, scleroderma, capillary