Reasons to Choose Health Programs in the Vocational Schools

Thanks to technological advances in the health sector, there have been many new developments. In line with these developments, it is now a need for qualified manpower to work in health care. Many university were opened to meet the need labor force health programs. Today, the number of state and foundation universities vocational schools exceeded one hundred. Data were collected through the survey from students in various programs from Beykent University. Frequency and percentage calculations were compared with the data. The survey demographic questions, as well as the factors that affect career choice were also asked. Whether they are conscious in choosing Health Program and was unaware of the working conditions waiting for them when they graduate from this program are examined. To 40,72 % male students and to 44,01% female students think that this future profession are ideal for their. To 12,95% male students and 7,14% female students are worry about employment. Nevertheless, after graduating at the highest rate among the reasons for the choice of program students, it is clear that job opportunities in the public and private sector..

Keywords – Health programs, program preferences, student profile