Content Management System in Medical Education: EDMODO

The use of social networks is gaining increase nowadays. In this manner, Ajjan ve Harsthone (2008) revealed that the mediums like social networks increase student learning, providing communication between student school and student-student, raising the satisfaction of students toward lessons, developing the writing skills of students and these tools are easy to integrate any lesson. It is also asserted that there are some negative aspects of the use of social networks, in other words influencing the learning process in a unfavourable way, during lessons along with its advantaged effects (Karpinski ve Duberstein, 2009; Rouis, Limayem ve Salehisangari, 2011; Wang, Chen ve Liang, 2011). In this context, Edmodo web application, which is used in educational way and reliable with its transforming disadvantaged aspects into favourable one, meets us.

Edmodo is an online and free of charge platform serving for teachers, students and parents in using social networks for educational purposes. Since Edmodo has similarities to Facebook, it is easy to use. It is also functional in creating groups, sharing information, communicating with others and giving feedbacks. Although there are several studies regarding the educational aspect of Edmodo, any study does not existing concerning medial education. In this manner, the goal of this study is to use Edmodo in medical education in an effective and pleasing way. Edmodo has many features to provide such an environment. Initially, Edmodo allows users to create different groups, writing notes instantly and sharing. Teachers may give homework through fixing the time of these assignments. Pop-quizzes may be done whether at the end of the term or within the term, and then these may be scored. You may also create questionnaires with students and then administer them. The development of students may be followed through this program. Finally, Edmodo enables you to store your data, documents, studies in your online library.

In addition, as Edmodo does not require any installation, it does address many people. Therefore, Edmodo is a web application to be used easily by anybody. 

Keywords – Edmodo, Content Management System, Web 2.0