The Classification of Assessment and Evaluation Tools Used in Medical Education as Traditional and Alternative Tools

İsmail BULUT, Düzce University, Duzce / TURKEY

Ahmet SAPANCI, Düzce University, Duzce / TURKEY

İsmail Hamdi KARA, Düzce University, Duzce / TURKEY

All over the world, medical education is under question and the goals of medical education is tried to be redefined. This situation isn’t surprising considering the dynamic structure of medical education and the rapid changes in the practices of medical education. It can be said that these efforts aim at improving the medical education.

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The Effects of Medical Students’ Study Strategies and Learning Styles on Their Academic Achievements

Kürşat Volkan ÖZCAN, Gaziosmanpaşa University, Tokat / TURKEY

İlknur BÜTÜN, Gaziosmanpaşa University, Tokat / TURKEY

Şemsettin ŞAHİN,Gaziosmanpaşa University, Tokat / TURKEY

It is known that medical education is effected by the changes in the educational sciences. Since the number of students is increasing each passing day and the education takes place in more crowded classrooms, determining the learning styles of students and arranging the education accordingly is important in order to increase the efficiency of the education. Moreover, it is known that the students’ learning styles and study strategies are related to the level of the learning outcomes. Within this context, this study aims at investigating the relationship between medical students’ study strategies and their learning styles.

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Content Management System in Medical Education: EDMODO

Fadime SUCU, Atatürk University, Erzurum / TURKEY

Murat AKBAY, Kafkas University, Kars / TURKEY

Yalçın AKBULUT, Kafkas University, Kars / TURKEY

The use of social networks is gaining increase nowadays. In this manner, Ajjan ve Harsthone (2008) revealed that the mediums like social networks increase student learning, providing communication between student school and student-student, raising the satisfaction of students toward lessons, developing the writing skills of students and these tools are easy to integrate any lesson. It is also asserted that there are some negative aspects of the use of social networks, in other words influencing the learning process in a unfavourable way, during lessons along with its advantaged effects (Karpinski ve Duberstein, 2009; Rouis, Limayem ve Salehisangari, 2011; Wang, Chen ve Liang, 2011). In this context, Edmodo web application, which is used in educational way and reliable with its transforming disadvantaged aspects into favourable one, meets us.

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